Music & Candles

Nothing I love more than candles is music. It brings me to a place mentally that either I’ve never been before or a particular point in my life; all the feel good memories. It’s the rush of nostalgia when I play a certain song, singing my heart out while cleaning my apartment, taking a shower, my commute to work or prepping for a big launch.

It’s obvious that whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, marriage, going through a break up, trying to get a good nights sleep, etc music is the perfect remedy for what you’re experiencing. Luckily there is a song for whatever mood you’re in. As Valentines’s day is quickly approaching I want to give you a quick reminder that regardless if you are in a relationship or not; you are loved and you are worthy. It can be the years’ most hated holiday especially given the times we’re in but even if you are spending it alone, give yourself some extra tlc. If you need to de-plug from social media, unfollow people who make you feel weird about yourself, or just need a break – do what you need.


To help you destress (in whichever way you please) I’ve curated a playlist for your V-day mood. I also highly recommend lighting our Agape candle, or our newest candle just in time for Valentine’s Day.


For the lovers:


For the suckas:


*Just to be clear that by no means is “suckas” a bad word in this case, it’s just the vibes I get from the songs that were added to the playlist. I hope you enjoy :)

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