Taylor Candle & Co initially started as a way to create an extra source of income while working as a Case Manager. I would save a little from each paycheck and weekly invest into my business. With a projected launch date for April, 2020 against the backdrop of a rapidly escalating global pandemic, to say that things were uncertain would be an understatement. 


A month into juggling the responsibilities of my new business, my "why" changed with news that my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Something that I initially created as a side hustle to generate money, became the therapy I never knew I needed throughout the most trying time in my life. It was the greatest distraction because although there was a lot going on in my personal life, candle making allowed me to escape my reality. By the grace of God my mother is now cancer free and candle making continues to bring me so much peace in my life. It gave me light in the darkness.


Taylor Candle & Co is an eco-friendly home fragrance brand that draws inspiration from unique experiences. It was created to give you a healthier, more sustainable way to capture and reawaken memories. With a strong emphasis on eco-friendly coconut-soy wax, sustainable packaging and cruelty free fragrance oils; we promise to give our customers the ultimate fragrance experience, that ignites and creates nostalgic memories for the mind, body and soul. I am helping people utilize aromatherapy as a way to destress, unwind and cater to their mental health. In addition, I am building strong relationships with those who struggle with prioritizing self care amongst the other demands of their lives.

Smell the memories,