I never imagined being a business owner. I never imagined becoming a business owner and selling out in less than 10 hours of my first launch. I don't know why God continues to favor me but I was told as a little girl to never question his purpose and plan for me. 

My name is Taylor and I am the owner of Taylor Candle & Co. I am 26 years young and I am originally from Lansing, MI. Currently, I reside in Queen Creek, AZ. Before moving here to Arizona in 2017 I knew I wanted a new life, a fresh start and just a new beginning. After the sudden passing of my late Aunt Debra; I knew I needed to get out and see the world. I was accepting whatever challenges God was willing to give to me, just for a fresh start. 

Fast forwarding to 2020 I had a vision but I just needed clarification. I wanted to make sure what I was doing would make a difference, that would make people feel good about themselves using my product and last but not least; something that God agreed with me on.

Taylor Candle & Co is not just about me. It's about everyone who has encouraged me, supported me, consoled me, nurtured me, and just gave me words of wisdom to keep on keepin' on. I've learned throughout this journey that nothing changes, if nothing changes. Do whatever it is you need to make your change and achieve your goals. Adjust to changes but do not conform. Remember that no one has the mindset that you do. Manifest the life you want, believe in yourself, ask God for direction, make him the head of your craft and put in the work! Everything else will just come naturally.

- Taylor XO